Why Regular Service On Your Vehicle Saves You Money

January 13th, 2020 by

Eddie Harris spent $250 on a carburetor that he didn’t need.  Stranded at about 2:00 AM just outside of Boston, he was at the mercy of a not-so-honest auto mechanic, or at the very least, an inexperienced service dealer.  The true cause of his issue was a $4 dollar gas filter issue.  If Eddie had just kept up with his regular service the cost of replacing the gas filter would have been $0!

It’s a hard lesson to learn.  For those of us who have been stranded on the side of the road, embarrassed because we could not get to work on time, or inconvenienced at the wrong time in our day, we know the value of regular service.  For those of you who have not endured one of these incidents, we encourage you to GET YOUR CAR SERVICED!

Service Is Easy!

We, at Mount Airy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, know that some of our customers delay because they think service will take to long, or be inconvenient to schedule. Try our easy ONLINE SERVICE SCHEDULER!  We will have you in and out before you can get comfortable in our lobby.  We can also save your family some money if you print out a few of the regular service coupons on our website before you arrive.

Regular Service Saves You Money!

Speaking of saving money, did you know that regular auto service lengthens the life of your car’s parts.  It also improves the resale of your auto if you have a proven track record of maintaining your vehicle.

Know the Basics – Low-Cost Service Checklist

There are many items covered in a routine check-up and dozens of items included for free if your car is under warranty.  Here is a list of the basics that we check each time you service at Mount Airy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat!

Oil Change

The most basic, but probably the most important on our checklist is your oil change.  It is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Oil has different detergents and additives that help lubricate and protect engines. It ensures that seals, gaskets, and O-rings are lubricated and conditioned and it also makes sure that moisture does not get into the engine. Something as simple as a blown head gasket can be the death of an engine.

Over time, the oil can become dirty because the oil filter cannot do its job. The dirt makes the oil thicker and makes it more likely that the engine breaks down. Sludge can build up in the engine, which can bog it down and keep it from performing at its best.

Oil also absorbs heat, which keeps the car from overheating. Heat and friction can be an engine’s worst enemy. When an engine overheats and there is friction in its moving parts, it can cause a great deal of costly damage to your vehicle. The loss of viscosity, or thickness of the oil, can cause friction in the moving parts because moving parts aren’t coated by oil. This, in turn, can cause significant damage to the engine.

Tire Rotation & Checks

When tires do not get rotated, the front tires wear quicker than the back tires, which can account for an uneven ride and an unexpected trip to the tire shop. Checking the wear of your tires can take a few seconds. The easiest way is to put a penny into the treads of your tire. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, it’s time for tires. Checking the air in your tires can save a lot of money at the gas pump, as well. Your vehicle will not have to work as hard when your tires are properly inflated.


Battery Checks

Batteries tend to last around 3 to 5 years, but extreme climate and other factors can hasten the lifespan of a battery. Ensure that battery posts are clean and without corrosion or any other obstructions. The corrosion that builds up on a dying battery can do damage to electrical components, bringing about a sizable mechanic’s bill.

Hose Checks

As your vehicle gets older, the likelihood of a hose bursting rises due to the amount of heat and liquid that they encounter. A burst hose that may cost a few dollars can cause significant damage to the inside of your hood, which can cost you a lot more money in repairs and in resale value.

Brake System

To keep you and your family safe, it is a necessity to make sure your braking system is fully functional. The first thing to check is the level of the vehicle’s brake fluid. The lack of brake fluid in your vehicle causes your brakes to work harder. Key components aren’t lubricated, air can get into the lines, and uneven wear on your brakes is the result.


Testing the lights on your vehicle (headlights, taillights, brake lights, etc.) can keep you and your family safe. When you frequently check these, it will save a great deal of inconvenience and time. Many traffic tickets have been written to motorists due to the malfunction of vehicle lighting. Malfunctioning lights can also cause accidents on the roadway.

Other fluid checks

There are many other fluids that need to be checked on a regular basis, like power steering, antifreeze, and transmission fluid. When fluids are low, the best thing to do before topping off is to check for any leaks. Throwing more fluids in a leaky system is throwing money out the window. Stop-leak additives can be risky, and more often than not, it is a temporary fix. So, the best thing to do when leaks are present is to bring your vehicle in for a closer look.

Why Choose Mount Airy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat Service Professional?

Chrysler Service Technicians start their careers in our Chrysler Apprenticeship Programs.  From there they move into our advanced training while getting experience on the job!

Our technicians go through FCA US LLC Certified Technical Programs where they receive the latest training on:

  • Brake Systems
  • Service Fundamentals
  • Electrical Components
  • Starting & Charging Systems
  • Suspension, Steering & Alignment
  • Engine Technology
  • Ignition Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • A/C & Heating Systems
  • Fundamentals of Welding
  • Emissions Systems
  • Tune-Up Fundamentals


Many of our mechanics go on to receive higher degrees and finally, our top technicians earn their Master Mechanic’s Certifications.

Call 336-673-3471 or Click here to Schedule your next service. Mount Airy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat’s Service Center and schedule an appointment today!

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